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Can someone explain? I don't know what's happening

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Can someone explain? I don't know what's happening

Postby ryanbutterz » Thu May 15, 2014 9:36 pm

I don't know if this is the correct section to be posting in or not, but I couldn't find a more suitable place. I'll get into this straight away though

Basically from as far back as I can remember (6/7) I had this dream that my dad was shouting at me for something, but well, he wasn't shouting, it just sounded really really really aggressive, even though his voice was quiet and calm at the same time... that's all I remember (I'm 16 now, 17 soon)

Ever since that point, maybe once a week or once every two weeks, I have this briefly weird feeling for sometimes up to 30 minutes, but usually around 10 minutes.

All the sounds that I hear become really annoying, but more than annoying. Everything sounds really really aggressive, as though every subtle and small sound I hear is trying to shout at me, but it's the same volume as before. I almost feel as though the sounds are speaking, and have voices (e.g: the click of a mouse of touch of a key on the keyboard) - even peoples voices sound like this. It's really hard to explain this feeling, so I'm hoping someone else has experienced this too.

Keep in mind that I said sounds seem to be 'speaking' or have a voice. This voice seems to be wanting to be quiet, everything even seems quieter, but at the same time all these sounds really get to me, as though they're shouting between each other, or trying to scream at me, it can get quite scary at times. It's hard to explain this, because it's more of a feeling, kind of an instinct that I 'know' what these voices/sounds are doing, call me crazy but it's what I feel.

(May I just mention that I'm perfectly sane as far as I know, although for the past year or so I have suffered from some intense anxiety, but this whole sound perception thing started way back, as I mentioned, when I was about 6/7)

Also on top of this, usually my vision seems to go 'smaller'. All the objects that I see seem really small, and slightly further away. It really freaks me out.

After these little episodes, I usually hear a bit of quiet ringing in my ears, as soon as these freaky voices/sounds start fading out.

Well, I hope someone can help me out here with what I'm experiencing, whether it be a normal thing, or a bad thing. I've scrawled the internet for information but so far only found one thing, which was infact on this website, but it didn't solve my question about what I'm experiencing.

Thankyou for reading.

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Re: Can someone explain? I don't know what's happening

Postby loise » Mon May 19, 2014 5:34 pm

hi Ryan,
great that you have found this forum...I have moved around the forums for years, looking for answers.
my ears the last years have become very vey sensitive, to the point of wearing ear plugs,
at home. my psych has suggested to pretend I am listening to music when I go out,
to be able to deal with the noise.
I have among other things general anxiety disorder, of course my nerves are often to the top and eventually have hurt my nervous system, I think....

if you sleep good, try to keep the stress down, sometimes there is need to make radical changes in your lifestyle and bringing a sort of peaceful and manageable rhythm....I have been a bit hyperactive and too creative wanting to do so much and as soon as possible...

I have had under stress episodes of psychosis, but really extreme at college, many years ago.
anyone under too much stress too long, wil get sick. anyone who does not sleep enough,
or does not have a balanced life, between body, soul, mind, emotions...will eventually get sick, or at least disbalanced.
it would be good to look for help and read a lot, so you do not go with eyes closed...
if ;you can begin with changes, and nutrition and vitamins, and if necessary afterwards
meds...keep in touch :)
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