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A potential snoring fix... Has anyone else tried this?

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A potential snoring fix... Has anyone else tried this?

Postby Tim22 » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:50 pm

Hey everyone,

If you can't or don't want to wear MADs(Mandular Advancement Devices), I just wanted to bring to your attention a potential fix and ask if you have any experience with it. I can't really bite down on a MAD - and even if I could, it is really hard to get past the sore jaw (for me, at least). It seemed like there weren't any other options, really, so I began to have an alternating sleeping habit – a few days with the MAD, a few days without. But that wasn't a good solution at all – it didn't really solve anything in the long term. On the one hand, when I wore my device, it kind of worked – the snoring stopped, but on the other, I didn't feel especially rested or pleasant after my night's sleep. I think my tongue might be blocking my airways.

I've been living in discomfort for a long time, doing some halfhearted research online as to what could replace my MAD. I didn't expect much, and didn't put in much energy, because from the tone of my doctor, it seemed like this was the only choice. But then I came across something that looked pretty interesting.

While Googling for anti-snoring devices, I came across a review of something called GMSS – the Good Morning Snore Solution. I came across it on this site - http://www.topsnoringmouthpieces.com/reviews/gmss/ The basic premise of it is that instead of pulling your jaw forward, like MADs do, it holds your tongue in a forward position. In this way it doesn't just stop you from snoring, but also keeps your tongue from being pulled down by gravity and blocking your airways, making sure you get enough oxygen throughout the night.

Checked the price, and it is a bit pricier than the usual stuff, but to be honest, I'm pretty desperate and willing to try new things to fix my snoring.

What seems like a bonus point for it is that the GMSS was designed by a dentist and green-lit by the FDA, so it seems that it has gone through some pretty rigorous testing and isn't just another piece of junk peddled on infomercials. It looks like a good deal, and I'm considering getting it (like I said – I'm pretty desperate), but I don't want to take the leap and shell out over $100 for something that nobody else knows about/has used.

Could you guys tell me anything you know about this? Have any of you used it? Is the basic premise sound? Thanks a lot! :)
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Re: A potential snoring fix... Has anyone else tried this?

Postby DanielleSchwartz » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:08 am

Hey Tim,

I have tried a snoring mouthpiece that specifically holds your tongue forward. I found it to be quite effective and easy to use compared to the devices that you bite down on, although they're both accomplishing the same thing, just in a different way, the devices you wear more as a retainer seemed to cause some jaw and teeth pain for awhile. Considering the side-effects of other anti-snoring solutions, I'd rather use the mouthpieces any day! Plus, the cost is so much better. An added bonus!

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