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The best way to describe BPD

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The best way to describe BPD

Postby sickofbeinginvalid » Wed Dec 25, 2019 6:24 am

The best way to describe BPD is like a road full of cars. They’re all going extremely fast. . . Your attention is on all the other cars on the road and how they’re inner world and mechanisms are working. But oh wait... what about your car? What about you? Wait what? What does THAT mean? What does it mean to focus on your OWN lane and OWN path in the whirlwind of this road? Does your car even belong there? What kind of driver are you? Do you even have control over your own destiny? Wait... look at that car! It’s beautiful. It’s gleaming and precious. Let me just jump in THAT car instead of finding my way on the road. If I show my absolute gratitude and selfless worship to this car then I can stay there forever... but wait the door won’t open??? I don’t think I can trust it’s speed. I can’t trust that the seatbelts are secure enough... it made a slight veer off to the side and now I am TERRIFIED! ###$. I hate this car! Now I’m all alone and stuck in the middle of this road full of cars not having any idea where I fit or belong.... it’s so fast and SOMEONE is going to hit me... I need to find a new car NOW and desperately or I will be hurt, forgotten, and stuck in the path of utter destruction or death. And then the cycle continues.
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