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Ashamed to go shopping

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Ashamed to go shopping

Postby BrokenNotBaD » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:13 pm

Hi just curious if anyone else feels this way, went shopping in a local supermarket. Got to Che k out and joined the long que, when was my turn I quickly emptied my basket and let the clerk scan everything as they passed it I packed as quickly as I could. The only thing is although the que was huge and I thought I was doing the right thing by getting my $#%^ done and getting out of everybody's way, I felt the clerk was pissed and probably wanted everyone to go slow so they didn't feel like a machine.
So no matter what I do I'm upsetting someone, so now I dread going shopping anyone else do anything similar?
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Re: Ashamed to go shopping

Postby Remember Ronni » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:31 pm

I wouldn't say that I feel ashamed but for me grocery shopping is one of things that needs to be done (or you're not going to eat, right?). I probably say the same thing to every sales assistant I've ever come across - polite, calm, nice. Go home. In fact, I have been collecting the meds I do take from the same shop every month for the last 10 years. Every time I go to that counter, I tell them my full name. Same polite small talk. I got a surprise the other day, I went in there and the person at the counter used my christian name. It made me want to change pharmacies. And admittedly I do my grocery shopping online or I use the self-scanning till. I avoid if I can. When I can't, same old same old. Do the job, go home, forget about it and do something more interesting than grocery shopping :)

And remember without you those sales assistants would not have a job and they serve so many people that unless you're that horrible unpleasant person in the queue they won't even notice you or care. You DO NOT have anything to feel ashamed about - unless you are the cranky old git that gives them all a hard time.
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