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feeling suicidal?

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feeling suicidal?

Postby Shaved » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:55 pm

Good. you're beyond your worries. When you want to die, be dead to worry and keep walking. Like in a cartoon, when a character gets shot, or their head bashed, they fall down and a spectral them floats out of the body; do that too, to your worry. Pain is pain and you've been through it before to get where you are now; you'll do it again. When you worry that people don't like you, or if they hate you, when you worry that you're not good enough, or strong enough, when you worry that the pain will never stop, or that life will never get better, walk on. You know the advice we all give: it does get better. Walk on carefree. If you want to die, why would you care if you die? Walk on carefree and have no fear. Don't give up on yourself; would you give up on another? If a child sat in front of you, crying that they want to die, would you say, "go on then, you're not worth it"? If you would, sort it out, cuz that's sick. But if you wouldn't, see that you are a child too. You're a child. No child is an adult, but all adults are still children. What cruelty is it to turn on yourself and say that you are worthless? You're not worthless at all. Get over it (deliberate clique) and walk on. You've got too much going for you. If you're being told by them around you, that you're hated and no one loves you, that you're pathetic and you're pointless, it's not true. They are the bad guys, not you. The world is not a dark place; it's bright and beautiful--you're just under a rock right now, where the darkness hides. Walk on. You're not the problem; the people who have done you wrong aren't even the problem. What was done, is the problem. You're symptomatic and suffering, remember? BPD's caused by people's behaviour against you when you were young. It's no wonder you feel so terrible! But walk on. you will heal. Diagnosed about 5 years ago with BPD, feeling suicidal all the time, unstable, even homicidal, I was mad. but now here I am, stable as anything, loving it. Been like this for a couple of years even. yeah, i'm still mad, but I've got PTSD and DID and i'm violent by nature, but i'm happy and i'm working for the good of society. For the sake of anything you can find, don't give up. Walk on. You're worth it
It's all going to be ok.
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Re: feeling suicidal?

Postby jaus tail » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:13 pm

Thanks for this...
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