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Got into an argument with someone about mental health

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Got into an argument with someone about mental health

Postby sickofbeinginvalid » Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:45 pm

So last night I got into this argument with a guy I met on a dating app about mental health which ended in me cursing him out and blocking him. I just felt as though he was being extremely condescending and trying to tell me I didn't know anything about mental health, when A I ######6 deal with it every day and B I am currently a psychology and sociology double major in college. Pretty much what happened was that I was venting to him about my emotional issues and insecurities and how I feel like a worthless piece of trash most of the time. Then he just spouts out that annoying question that most people who know nothing about mental health or don't know how to help others do... "Are you on meds?". I explained to him that I was not on meds because I am not depressed, but rather unstable. He then replies saying "That is depression"... No the ###$ it's not. Being unstable and being depressed are NOT the same thing! I felt as though he was trying to use a diagnostic term to generalize mental health. So I tried explaining to him that they are not the same thing, because having a diagnosis of clinical depression means having a consistent depressed mood, whereas what I am dealing with make me have an UNSTABLE mood. As I was explaining this to him (Mind you I didn't even even lose my cool at this point I was actually trying to respectfully get my point across), he says " You know, you really shouldn't be talking about mental health like this when you know nothing about it"... THIS SET ME THE ###$ OFF. I immediately started rapid fire texting him insults, calling him a low life disgusting piece of $#%^ and that he is actually the one who needs to shut the ###$ up because he doesn't know what HE is talking about. After that, I decided to block him on the app as well as my other social media. I felt as though him telling me I know nothing about mental health was like a slap in the face and simultaneously getting punched in the stomach. How can you say something like that to a ######6 BORDERLINE? I don't know what mental health is? GO ###$ YOURSELF YOU LOW LIFE PIECE OF $#%^.
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Re: Got into an argument with someone about mental health

Postby jaus tail » Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:21 pm

this is why i avoid talking about mental health to people. people feel they know everything about everything. i've received advice that mood swings are nothing or that u should talk to me instead of going to a psychiatrist.

its not entirely their fault. they dont know anything about mental health. many people still think u can 'talk' someone out of depression or out of any other mental health issue.

today there was a discussion/seminar in university about relationships.

one guy said 'i keep distance from people as i have faced breach of trust n ive dealt with betrayal.. so i know how it feels.'

i said, 'but u cant let that keep u from forming new friendships.' i gave example that 'if u dont like food one day u wont stop eating food.' n that 'at times we stay toxic relation out of fear of loneliness. cause eating bad food is better than eating no food.'

his reply: 'u havent experienced life. u havent seen much. or been in that situation.'

it made me felt like i'm some kid. i'm not saying my issues are more severe than his, but his words made me feel like he knows all the mystics of life n stuff whereas i'm some teenager.

but then i say to msyelf: 'remember how i was when i was his age. slightly brash n think u know it all.' so i let it be.

still hurts though.
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