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Current breakdown over money and work

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Current breakdown over money and work

Postby sickofbeinginvalid » Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:43 pm

I am having so much ######6 difficulty over my current financial situation. It doesn’t help the fact that my boss is a stupid bitch and took away my hours due to perceived mistakes... but how the ###$ can I be totally on top of everything when she forces me to close the store by myself every shift. I am hard enough on myself as it is especially when it comes to wanting to be perfect and feeling completely discouraged when one thing goes wrong. So for her to just cut my hours without even trying to help me or fix the situation is causing me to have extreme feelings of hatred towards her. I even told my coworker I hope my boss kills herself because she is a horrible person who is causing me so many problems. I know rationally that’s a pretty terrible thing to say and I feel disgusting myself saying those things but in the moment I really hate her. I tried to speak with her higher up about getting more hours and she’s been barely helpful and when ever I try to discuss these issues more in depth with her it seems she’s never at the store or can talk.

I also recently got out of a friendship with this guy who basically pushed all of my personal boundaries and walked over me which ended up with him maxing out my credit card and emptying my bank account... so that’s another thing I have to worry about financially. Along with this, I just spoke with my dad and I owe him money towards car repairs. Everything is just going ######6 wrong in this $#%^ hole of a life. I wish I could just die.
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