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Do you even relate to your own life stories?

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Do you even relate to your own life stories?

Postby Trelkovsky » Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:48 pm

So, I haven't been sleeping well recently. Naturally that resulted in me plowing through £15000 on online slot games. Money was the one thing I was on top of and now it's just all gone. At least I'm not responsible for managing the savings I've built up anymore, right?

This is the second time I've even mentioned that I have a gambling problem. I had to tell my ex today because he's the only person capable of offering me any support at this point, though the entire reason we are no longer together is that after 15 years and two international moves for his career he didn't want to carry a miserable shut-in for the rest of his life. I'm formally forbidden from discussing emotions with him so it's complicated... probably my closest friend has been living in Australia for over a decade...not a lot of options since I stopped Skyping my therapist (couldn't afford to now, anyway)

I left where I was living because I was running into my ex's new boyfriend right in front of my home and I went to live on my brother's couch, which ended in him strangling and punching me for wanting to move out after we'd agreed to get a place together, even though he kept telling me that I was completely ######6 unacceptable every ######6 day and nobody can stand me, not even my mother, but refused to give me any specifics... it's weird because I mostly just sit on the sofa and watch tv all day which I get is unpleasant...but...whatever...

So I got on a plane again and I've been living in airbnbs here and there since last September. I basically have enough money to eat and sleep until I fly back to the UK in June.

Who is this person? This is me? I'm actually very boring....
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