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guy with BPD, I guess

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guy with BPD, I guess

Postby GarrettCake89 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:26 am

29 year old guy here. I'm struggling with the notion of unrealistic expectations. My therapist will tell me I'm "expecting perfection," a lot of times when I really genuinely don't see it that way. It'll be things like expecting him to email me back sooner than three days after the fact. Which is such basic human decency 101 to me. I also can't tell if it's BPD or just me as a person hating when people are chronically late with things. That mindset doesn't make sense to me.

Anyone else struggle with stuff like this? And what kinds of epiphanies have you had, in dealing with it? It's so hard for me to not feel like he really lets me down. And then it's even harder because I don't want him to know that's what I'm thinking in those moments. He's such a nice guy and I feel like a jerk. Especially since I googled BPD in men, and a symptom specific to guys is apparently 'controlling through criticism' which I recognize myself doing sometimes. And I feel awful.

These thoughts are a little disjointed, I'm just rambling. If anyone has any wisdom to shoot my way, or make me feel less like a terrible person, by all means...
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Re: guy with BPD, I guess

Postby RamadanSteve » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:58 am

Everyone acts like a dick now and again, just the fact that you obviously care about your therapists feelings from a moral standpoint shows me that you aren't a scumbag lol. For me, I try to keep my emotions and logic compartmentalized. So when I feel emotional about something irrational I can calm myself down and reason with myself. I'm still definitely not perfect but I'm better than I was a few years ago. I'm also male btw
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