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How to love again without the fear of abandomnent?

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How to love again without the fear of abandomnent?

Postby Maleborderline545 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:26 am

Hi, my friends, I am a middle aged male borderline. I have childhood traumas from my father, then I was married for 26 years but then she divorced me. Then I had another girlfriend that swore me eternal love but she went away in six months. Then there is a new girl I love but I can't have anything with her. I feel Im not ready. Who else here could overcome this stage of not trusting again and being happy with a new person? I just got very anxious when she talks about romance, love, sex. She studied a lot about borderlines and she seems to understand me. How did anyone do to pass this stage ahead and overcome the fear and being happy again? What worked out for you? Im not in therapy. Advices and help please?
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