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In your perspective, where's the line between abuse and ....

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In your perspective, where's the line between abuse and ....

Postby NotAsCrazyAsIThought » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:03 am

....Respectively playing/joking to abusively toying with people.
... to just a needed and fair punishment, like a sibling hitting and scaring the kid, or maybe even restricting the child.
(I think the sensible nature of every kid makes it seem worse than it actually is, so kid grows up thinking it was abused)

where's the line that defines what's abuse and what's not for you?

Not only in these situations, but many others like jobs, familiar stuff, relationships etc.

Keeping in mind that it's an abuser and abused situation, some people are prone to have a victimist mindset, and then they blame everything and everyone around them, then everything is abuse. Or they're just more sensible and/or less tolerant, so in their perspective, it is actually abuse.

On the other hand, some abusers "hurt" others because they're more tolerant, and generally takes things less seriously, so in their mind they're not really abusing, but just friendly playing with others.

the parent who thinks is doing the right thing, but in the kid perspective, it's a horrible thing. Is an example.
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