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Getting over a failed relationship

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Getting over a failed relationship

Postby Sunshower71 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:47 am

My BPD basically encouraged me to trash and ruin the best relationship I ever had in my life.
I'd like to talk about how to " move on" . I'm still in love with them, and wish someday we could get back together (we have remained friends), they have fallen out of love with me, but still love and care for me as a friend. I have waves of total meltdowns about the fact I lost them, I'd do anything to one day have a chance to try again, but I doubt it will occur and it completely shatters my heart where I'll spend hours, days, sobbing over it.
I'm only interested in them, I don't want anyone else.
We always promised we would work out issues and be together forever , so it's hard for me to let that go.
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Re: Getting over a failed relationship

Postby Squaredonutwheels » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:37 am

Watch what kind of language you relay back on yourself as it is a self feeding loop.
The way you're over idealizing this failed relationship as the "best" "ever" in your life. It was probably average and your BPD is making it look like heavenly crystals of hope. Try speaking back to yourself in a language that facilitates looking at it realistically and then you'll be able to learn about yourself, and become the kind of person that is ready for a relationship.
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