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im a control freak *may trigger*

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im a control freak *may trigger*

Postby autumnajay » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:28 pm

Ive searched and searches this forum for someone who is the same as me, so here goes

Im in a relationship and have been for 3 years+, and i am really controlling, its getting me down and its getting my partner down, ive tried alot of things and discussed with counsellors.
I hate him going out, i hate him drinking, i get super anxious if he suddenly decides to go out and have to wait till he comes home. I need to know where hes going, when hes going and when he will be back, if the plans change i flip and get really angry, ive also hurt myself from a meltdown due to a slight change in plans. A few weeks ago he was going out at 7pm, he then changed it to 8pm, i just flipped and cut my wrist with a knife, i was angry, crying shouting..
I find i just simply cant cope.

I also struggle with OCD and like things done in certain ways, he procrastinates and it drives me mad, i get angry and start cryin, 10 minutes later i realise im such an idiot and im blowing things out of proportion.

Anyone else the same? how do you cope?
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