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Problems with anger

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Problems with anger

Postby enkeli33 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:24 pm


I am new here and I won't be here for long, because every single place online I've ever visited always ends up with all people hating me :)

Anyway I have a problem with my anger which is probably a symptom of my BPD.

1) I scream on people who says something I disagree with. I can't control it. My boyfriend (I am gay, not a girl) says something stupid and I explode.

"WTF did you just say?!"

Interesting thing is I scream mostly only on him and my parents. I never scream on strangers on public or on coworkers at job. I am not sure what is different.

2) Sometimes the adrenaline and amok is so strong so I hit things with my first and throwing things against the walls, break things and so on.

After my amok I have my body temperature increased and my muscles are shaking. Also I feel tension and anxiety... And guilt for not being capable of stopping my anger.

Couple days ago I get into a fight because of politics with my mum. She agrees with a politician who wants to increase a government surveillance.

"Are you serious?! Do you know how many bad things [the politician] did? You should read about his scandals."

"Well, I am not interested in politics anyway. I don't care about it."

"Yeah, that's nice. So why do you vote for him then? He worked for secret police when we were part of soviet union. Did you know that?"

"Well that's bad. But he seems to be so nice nowadays and he promised some many good things for us and..."

"HE'S ######6 LIAR!" I screamed and hit the wall with my fist.

After this fight I felt like a $#%^.

At this point I am not mad on her because of the different opinion, but when I tell her I wish her to stop doing something, she does it anyway. She totally doesn't give a $#%^ about me. She doesn't respect me. Speaking with her is mostly like speaking to a tree


Anyway, your opinion? Is there any interesting method how to deal with an anger? How to get control over my body?
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Re: Problems with anger

Postby Bree123 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:17 am

Hey, my name is Bree. I am 21 married with a 6 month old bub. I constantly rage out at my husband and my anger even goes as far as me threatening him and punching walls and he also has to call the ambulance and police. I am so ashamed of my behaviour but have yet to control my anger and bpd. It is so consuming! The mental health system where i am from is complete garbage!
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Re: Problems with anger

Postby OrbweaverLeads » Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:57 am

I have problems with rage and irritability. It feels terrible and I can get no relief, even when I lash out and scream or hit the wall I don't feel any less angry. Several therapists fired me because I was too angry to work with.

The only thing that helped my anger is medication. From a pdoc. Now I'm on meds I just have to cope with irritability when people offend or annoy me and I feel provoked.
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Re: Problems with anger

Postby Manners73 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:06 pm

Rigorous exercise helps me with anger.

I cycle 20 miles a day for work but that doesn't do anything to help so I also do high intensity exercise as well. Kickboxing, interval training. Anything to get the heart rate up.

It de stresses me, gives me a good feeling and just makes me a better person all round.

Good luck.
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