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Family, Loved Ones and Friends of Those With BPD

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Family, Loved Ones and Friends of Those With BPD

Postby Casper » Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:43 pm

In order to keep things a little more organized around here, we have created a new area, called "Significant Others, Family & Friends" (SOFF). If you have a question or comment regarding a loved one or a friend or an ex or a neighbour or even that old guy down the street who talks to the fire hydrant for hours on end and is determined that MLB satellites are watching his every move, please post them in there.

Some of the material that those in contact with people with mental disorders (commonly referred to as "non's") discuss can frequently be triggering, especially to people with Borderline PD, who are highly susceptible to being triggered, as you probably know already. Because of this, we have had to separate the two, as there have been a number of such incidents. One of the main goals of this site is to provide a virtual "safe house" for people with mental illnesses, and some people were losing that feeling. This move is an effort to help them reclaim that.

Since forum rules ask us to refrain from diagnosing people online, as we are not qualified to do so, we cannot accurately tell if your ex likely suffered from BPD or not, anyway. Plus, we're only hearing your side of the story, so as much as you may try to be objective, it would be somewhat biased. That's just human nature.

The link to the SOF&F section is below. Should you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact one of the moderators via PM (we're the ones in blue or green - the admins are red). Simply click on our names to access our profile page, and then click on "Send private message". If it were any easier, Lionel Ritchie would've written a song about it!

Thank you for your understanding,
The PsychForums Team.

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