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How Do You Feel This Moment? *TW*

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Re: How Do You Feel This Moment? *TW*

Postby octopustentacles » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:00 pm

Tired grouchy weird scattered
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Re: How Do You Feel This Moment? *TW*

Postby Elastic Heart » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:41 am

So tired. Not sure if I'm sick or if it's just the late winter blues. My boyfriend is pissing me off today and I even started to feel as if leaving him would really be the best option, but then he finally cut me some slack and went out alone and now I'm feeling a bit better about it. It's so frustrating though to never know if my feelings are rational or if it's just my BPD not allowing me to be happy. Maybe we're not a good fit or maybe I'm just devaluating him; who knows, either way I know I'm going to regret it like crazy if I act on it, but staying means being miserable too. BPD is such a fun ride! /s

Maybe I'll go visit my mum or something. Take the dog for a walk, get some mountain therapy. God, there aren't enough mountains here. That, and then get a bottle of wine for later; I've been drinking more than usual lately but honestly that doesn't mean much as the past couple of years I've gone months between each time, and frankly a little wine works wonders to take the edge off.
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