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Seizures and Mood Disorder Medication

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Seizures and Mood Disorder Medication

Postby roboto » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:22 am

I take Mood Disorder Medication
Mood Disorder Medication causes Seizures
so i take Anti Seizure Medication
Anti Seizure Medication cause Mood Disorders
So the docs say "more mood disorder med"
...and more

Wellbutrin works great at moderate doses but over 150mg BiD causes occasional seizures (one episode every couple of years). so i piggyback it with amitriptilyn 50mg BT, it helps me with headaches and sleep and mellows out the wellbutrin. to help clear my head i also take lithium 300mg BiD.

That cocktail used to work until i had a bad seizures at work (violent zombie like grand mal). the ER doctor put me on Kepra 500mg BiD. this destroyed my world. Kepra has made me insane ball of rage. I almost lost my job and i had to take a disability leave of absence. Kepra has undone everything that the other medication had fixed.

I am off Kepra now for a week and nothing has changed. i am contemplating committing myself just so i dont loose my job. my three months of leave is almost up and the doctors havent helped. i take that back my general practitioner has been helpful.

Does anyone live in such a nightmare?
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