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Overwhelmed with my mood. please help!

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Overwhelmed with my mood. please help!

Postby teardrop_ » Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:02 pm

Hi I'm 19 and I'm having trouble stabilising my moods. I've been through a traumatic time the past couple years with my health etc and was diagnosed with G.A.D couple months ago. Anyways recently I've been feeling very unstable both mentally and emotionally. I get mood swings all day long. I start the day sometimes more tired or stressed feeling than before I went to sleep. I go to college and I'm usually complaining or something then I get these lil bursts of hyperactivity where I talk non stop andI make silly comments or basically act like a 14yr old.I then get wound up easily and angry, irritable and generally weird. I'm very depressed too because of an incident when I was 14 where I touched an 8yr old family member penis one night when he was asleep because i was curious. Basically I let my curiosity get the better of me. Anyway I'm struggling with over thinking everything and also my anxiety is flaring up because i have a singing performance next week and I'm afraid to mess it up cos it's my first time. I feel so depressed and unhappy in life right now. I'm having money problems too. I just feel so overwhelmed by emotion and thoughts. I feel like a giant mess. I found an amazing herbal depression pill in America but it's expensive and I live in Ireland so the exchange rates are making it more expensive. I go to therapy once a week but I can't afford to go twice. Antidepressants are a no no for me. I'm sensitive to medication and I'm petrified of the side effects.
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Re: Overwhelmed with my mood. please help!

Postby wsucougar » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:49 am

I am from the USA, I am poor too. I no longer have insurance, but access to the internet. I have a lot of trauma, and grief in my life.
I have found self hypnosis works for me. I was told I have depression, anxiety, and mood disorder, among other things,but if you have had brain injuries, where your mind doesn't work like it used to
you'd me f***ed up too.
On you tube and Google Play store, there is this guy who originally from the UK. His audio recordings have helped me a lot. His name is Glenn Harrold. he has over 100 recording, anxiety was the first one I used, but there is all kinds ,on YouTube at least a dozen full recordings. On Google play store, one or 2 of the apps are free, then the rest are paid, but you can get a month subscription which I signed up for on my NOOK reader. $4.99 UK and $6.55 in us funds which is about the price of a medium pizza.
once you subscribe you can listen on all your devices, so I can listen on my phone, to one if I am out and about. If you have a windows based computer, you can make your computer into an android device by installing the blue stacks app. I had to do this because my Nook, kept fading out. Anyway, It will help you. I told my doctor about him, when she said, that id I wanted to get disability, I would have to go to another doc and be put on medication.
I am super sensitive to a lot of medication, so no, I do this instead, and it helps me a lot.
This guy is legit, just look him up on Wikipedia and he does have does/did have a practice, and writes and records a lot of self help books and audio recordings. It can't hurt to try this. If you go on you tube, it is not costing you anything.
He talks about trance, but you usually are awake while he is talking. He has sleep endings and awake endings on some of the recordings. I like to listen to a sleep ending one, right before bed.
I used to have bad insomnina , before I started listening to this guy. Now I do not, but I still have learning disabilities, and my spelling is awful, but I feel so much better about myself.
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