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Postby Mel403 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:51 pm

Hello everyone this is going to be long but I am really looking for some reassurance right now.
Im 27, gor diagnosed with GAD last October. I never once had anxiety or depression in my life!! I had the best career, have a great family and everything. I started getting alot of panic attacks back in October up until February of 2017. It was horrible but it was due to thinking I was going crazy. That has subsided I never once got a panic attack or that thought hasn't scared me ever since March. Now its a new "fear" i'm just terrified because im not sure if its true or not. I went pver a cousins house a few months ago and he had told me if i get worse I might kill myself. Ever since that day I was bad again. I haven't gotten any panic attacks but im close to one. I have a huge fear one day I might do it. I would NEVER EVER do it! I have a twin sister whos absolutely perfect! I have quite a bit of anxiety from thinking like this. Am I actually going to be suicidal? Does this go away? Im terrified! I cry all the time and i dont know what to do. Has anyone felt like this before? Ive searched up this topic a billion times!!!! Nothing is helping! It comes in waves. I usually fear this in the afternoon and around 8ish it goes away and I literally sleep like a baby as if nothing every happened. Is this normal? Could it be something other than anxiety? Please help! Its unbearable at times! There days I feel blessed and it actually goes away for a few days!
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