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Citalopram and behavior

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Citalopram and behavior

Postby jmataylor » Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:20 am

Hello everyone, I'm new here and have been trying to find information of what sort of effects long term use of Citalopram will have on a persons behavior. Here's some backstory on said person in question, she's 31 years old and was started at 60mg of Citalopram back in her mid to late 20's. Physically, she's healthy without any issues there.

The issue we do have though is she is prone to emotional out bursts that are generally aggressive in nature. She's also been exhibiting memory problems and low grade amounts of lethargy. Not to mention she can be a bit flighty at times and has difficulty staying focused. The other aspect of the problem is due to her dosage being started at 20 over the max dose limit, and the duration she has been taking it for, one can't help but be worried about there being some sort of alteration that has happened in her brain chemistry.

The reason this is in the Anxiety part of the board is because she was diagnosed with Anxiety when she was started on this particular SSRI. Although I question the merit of said diagnosis due to her stating there wasn't any sort of psychologist or psychiatrist involved in it, only her PCP at the time. It was also at a time when anxiety would've been a normal reaction to a couple of close relatives dying on her, including her mother and almost her father. I have seen this particular SSRI used in treating depression, but the deaths were quite a few years ago.

So overall the big questions are, what are the implications in long term use of the SSRI Citalopram? What sort of effects would it have on a persons behavior? And lastly, what are we looking at when it comes to getting her off it, and is there a chance of her brain more or less repairing itself as close as it can get to before she was placed on the Citalopram?

Many thanks and I look forward to your responses!
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