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Has this forum has become a haven for narcissism?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder message board, open discussion, and online support group.

Has this forum has become a haven for narcissism?

Postby Ubinix800 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 12:21 am

The whole point of bdd is a disorder of distorted appearance, and how you feel internally. Really though it's become more about vanity, lack of esteem/narcissism and peoples life stories.

- Used to go out nightly, got a bit of redness so now I don't go out anymore.

- People posting about crap they get from others about their looks, and his they want to "physically harm them in some way", yep that's narcissism. Also one or two members raging at the mirror or at others, because they caught a glimpse of themselves on a bad day.

- Compliment fishing, and saying about they posted on r/amiugly for compliments then got shot down (hate that subreddit) and had comments that harmed their worth and self image.

- Problems with wanting relationships and no one wanting to date them.

- Saying you would have left the therapists office if they called you average.

- Not wanting to be seen until they look perfect.

Etc. Etc. Seems like a lot of people here lack esteem and base their self worth too much on looks, I don't blame them the slightest though.

Not saying it's a bad thing people are venting, but jeez the whole point of this forum is, well you know what.

Anyone else noticed this? Once again not saying narcissism or vanity is a bad thing but it just seems to surprise me how many people probably have it. Guess it's kind of egocentric to think your the only vain or insecure person out there, everything I read here, everyone who comes and goes... It says otherwise, just saying a lot of us probably share the same thoughts and feelings in our own heads'. We're not alone.
BDD and vulnerable narcissism/avpd traits.
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Re: Has this forum has become a haven for narcissism?

Postby Wally58 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:55 pm

Having a lot of positive self-esteem means that you really don't need a big ego because you are already comfortable with who you are.
Whereas those who have a poor sense of self-esteem need a large ego as a defense and validation for who they are.
Self-esteem and ego can be polar opposites. This was something I learned in therapy.
Before this, I always considered self-esteem and ego to be pretty much the same thing. :idea:
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Re: Has this forum has become a haven for narcissism?

Postby sofia996 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:04 am

Uhm excuse me this is exactly what BDD is about, atleast if you ask me who has the disorder. I feel that I can't leave house if I'm not atleast slighly okay with the way i look (i have to think i look atleast "okay" in my own eyes). I can't go out to disco's anymore because my hair dont look good enough to do so or even trying to get a boyfriend as I dont look good enough to attract someone at this moment. I have this habit of cutting my own hair and now I'm here again feeling sad over all the good parts in my life that i "cut off" with every centimeter I took with the scissor. I was living life four weeks ago,hanged out with men for the first time in my life and got my first kiss. They were interested in me but if they would see me now they wouldn't find me as cute as I was then. I hate what I have done to my hair and I hate that this too short hair cut makes me unable to feel carefree and live life the way I should as I'm 24 years old and I'm tired of being home standing i front of the mirror trying to correct the $#%^ I've done to my my hair. I can't see myself as pretty anymore and it sucks as my well-being, my mood and energy to get things done depends on how I see myself. I guess this is what makes me abnornal as a human as everything in my life shouldn"t depend on how my hair looks but saddenly it does. This is also how I would describe what BDD is to me.

And no there is no way I have narcissistic personality disorder. Thats a person who lacs empathy and who sees themdelves as the greatest and most important person in the room. I've never had such traits so there is no way I would have narcissistic personality disorder. I put much time and effort when it comes to looking fine in my appearence and that's only a characteristic of BDD.
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