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Anyone else here too afraid to open up?

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Anyone else here too afraid to open up?

Postby Ubinix800 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:42 pm

Like you can't even tell your GP about it so they can prescribe something to you or refer you for treatment, or maybe you think your problem is too 'minor' (which it's not) to even ask for help? GPs at my local place are usually quite understanding, but just like having an embarrassing medical problem you don't want to tell them about, I have a hard time telling them.

How would you even go about getting help for this in the UK? Lived with this for about 10 years now untreated and not even sure what to do, partly out of fear of sounding vain like it's some teenage vanity issue.

And yeah I know BDD has very little to nothing to do with how you actually look, it's how you feel internal, but to be quite blunt I would like to see myself in the mirror and look okay, and also understand *why* flareups exist, and how to deal with it, and also maybe get some help for the referential thinking/being sensitive to facial expressions and all that.
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