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How to cope with a weird bone structure

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How to cope with a weird bone structure

Postby gherkinmalerkin » Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:11 pm

Hi all, i’m a 21 year-old male whobeen struggling a lot with self-image surrounding my face and have been diagnosed with BDD. For as long as I can remember I always had a very strong jawline and high cheekbones, and in the past few years these have continued to be come more and more prominent to the point where it looks frankly ridiculous. From the side literally nothing is in proportion, my jaw has now grown so much that it forms an acute angle which is wholly out of proportion with everything on my face, and my cheekbones are absolutely huge, although my eye is too far forwards and up on the face in its own right. The other side has strong features but more in proportion with each other, but this side looks absolutely ridiculous.

I am having a very hard time coming to terms with having this face, as it looks so unique that I struggle to see how anyone could look past it. My small eyes make it hard to read my emotions from my face and I feel I look like an alien.

I looked into several surgeries, including jawline and lip reduction, but my eye is still too far up my face and looks really strange, with a positive cantonal tilt and large cheekbones pushing it forwards and making it hard to even see from the side. The only way to fix that would be cheekbone surgery which I’d rather not go down.

It’s incredibly distressing seeing all these people around me with fairly standard appearances who don’t even have to think about this sort of stuff, while all I want is to look a bit more average. People say that if you’re not that attractive you should focus on personality but my face is literally so striking that it’s not really an option. How can i ever accept my appearance when I feel it holds me back from ever living a normal life and being in a relationship? I get so upset about it as my fundamental bone structure is just bizarre.
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