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I think im disgusting

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I think im disgusting

Postby ZaTV » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:03 pm

I been obsessed with my appearance since i was a puber because some boys say i was ugly, for some reason my "bestfriend" was obsessed to compare with me and question to every boy who was the most pretty.
My dad always make bad comentaries about fat or ugly people in my childhood, the family of my mom when a baby born the first question they make are "and the baby are cute or ugly?" instend to question if they have good health.

Today i have 22 and im looking better than ever, i lost 30 pounds, i receive male atenccion and most people say im beautiful, but no matter how good i look when someone say the word "ugly" "fat" "gross" i guess was adressed to me.
I feel me anxious everyday, its hard live thinking in my appareance all day, i cant focus in my work, in making friends(i dont have friends), etc.

I hope anyone can help me because i cant enjoy life with this situation :(
Thanks for take you time to read this :)
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Re: I think im disgusting

Postby Auroraally » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:59 pm

Hey. I went through a similar experience to you when I was younger and I am going through the same thing as you now. Would you like to talk? It's always easier when you have someone else to talk with who's going through the same thing xx
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