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Does this sound like BDD traits?

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Does this sound like BDD traits?

Postby Beepeea » Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:27 pm

Hello everyone!

I am looking for some advice, I want to know if you guys think this sounds like signs of body dysmorphia.

Since I can remember I have always been somewhat insecure about my appearance but the last year or so I have noticed I have been obsessing and worrying over how I look to others.

I tend to look in the mirror at least 20 times a day and always use my front phone camera to see how i look and whenever I see myself I am always picking faults, I hate the fact my face is extremely fat and uneven. I often try to seek validation from others by bringing up opportunities for them to compliment me but it doesn’t happen hardly and when it doesn’t it further confirms my beliefs.

I tend to look at other people and get quite jealous and sad that they have an attractive body and can live a life where they get attention from others. I have had girlfriends before and dated my fair share of women but I never ever feel worthy, I genuinely believe I am not attractive, obviously my family tell me otherwise but that is to no value.

I have considered surgery and tried all sorts of options from subliminal messaging to try to alter my looks to doing exercises to try to change my face. I believe I have BDD but I’d like your guys’ opinion.

I genuinely hate the way I look. Thanks for reading!
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