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Help please -- I cannot shake my "true mirror" reflection

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Help please -- I cannot shake my "true mirror" reflection

Postby io7 » Sun May 12, 2019 11:41 am

I have suffered from BDD for many years of my life. I have only been able to cope by avoiding triggers (photos, videos etc). This means, avoiding social events where I know I could end up being photographed, and living a very isolated life. I have moments of constantly staring and obsessing over my face and the flaws I see in the mirror...but the thing I can't seem to shake right now is the "true mirror" reflection. In this mirror, I am absolutely hideously deformed. All the things I know to be true and exists are made evident by looking through the two mirrors at a 90 degree angle. All the aysemmetries of my face, the warped and twistedness of my skull, can no longer be in doubt when I look into this mirror. It proves that my flaws or deformities do indeed exist. I am so hurt and pained by this reflection..and can't think of anything to console or explain what I'm seeing. Please help.
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Re: Help please -- I cannot shake my "true mirror" reflection

Postby darklollix » Tue May 14, 2019 7:37 pm

hey io7,
I'll just say a few things that could help maybe. Just saying I do use the two or three mirror technique from time to time.

-The first times I saw myself in that way (2 times in 2015, 2-3 times in 2016 and a few times this week) I looked like a horrid monster. Like a 1 out of ten completly asymetrical (2015-16). A face you would vomit at. They are what started my appearance concerns. Recently when I retried again, it was nothing like that. I looked usually like a 5.5-6, and it varied between 5 and an 8. My features looked very asymetrical (but I didn't look ugly), if I looked at them in detail, but if I looked at the face as a whole I could only see it really in one place and I'd look more attractive. I don't know why, make of it what you want. ALthough the true mirror reflects reality, maybe it's something to do with your mind, could also be some optical illusion if you use two separate mirrors (which I do) and they are cheap and dirty or not held properly. That's just my guess.

-I noticed when I starting taking selfies to know what I really looked like, that the way I saw myself in the reverse mirror was a lot more asymetrical than the face in the pictures. And I'm really not used to selfies.

-concentrating on the bad parts of face, even for a little amount of time can make you see the face as uglier. What all my therapists have said. Goes for pics and strangers.

-this is more for the pics, but taking selfies really close to your face will deform them the ###$ up. Take a selfie from an arms lenghth.
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