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I feel like the lowest form on this Earth..

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I feel like the lowest form on this Earth..

Postby talhaboi66 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:45 am

Some days are really bad , some are nuetral , but i can only be happy as long as i dont look in the mirror as soon as i look there is something that stabs me in the stomach , My long face , recessed cheek bones , narrow face , skinny body , bumpy nose , oval forehead ... I start getting this tightness in my head , a feeling og weight , dread , remembering all of my life failures , rejections , ridicules only because of these things ..... (writing this has made my eyes wet.. :( ) while all my friends and family is far better looking , i cant help comparing my appearance to them and feel extreme self hate , but i try hard to control .... I want to cry so hard .... but no one would be there to listen me .... i want a hand behind my shoulder at hard times like these... but no one would be willing to be ...... At this point im scared of showing people my face .... my fears have also been confirmed in the past (by the people calling me ugly) , I just cant stop this rage of me against me and ive not seen anyone similar to my face , my confidence is so low ..... I dont even try to look good anymore because its useless .... I dont have much problem with my body , but my face (probably the bone structure ) is literally ruining my life and i dont know what to do .... I have gotten professional help too but it didnt work ..... Things will only be solved when i get my face right .....
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