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Asking for opinions for my experiences

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Asking for opinions for my experiences

Postby 22MaleBDD » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:15 am

Hello. I am a new member of the group and it’s amazing to interact with people who are diagnosed with BDD like myself. I have only been diagnosed with BDD, minor OCD and social phobia about a month or so. Only had about 4 psychological meetings so far. Although I have been asking the same question I still don’t understand how “illusions” work. How is it possible to see your face different from others? If somebody could answer the question in a simple way. I’ll be thankful haha. What I would like to point out about myself is that I sometimes see myself good looking and most the time hideous! I do not care about looks, I just want to fit it! My loved ones and friends say I am above average, I can see that sometimes and sometimes the exact opposite. I obsess over my looks throughout the day, it’s what I think about most of the time. I might see myself handsome today for instance, but I will need to see myself through a reflection or a mirror all the time to make sure, and sometimes when I believe I look good I might check my face in the mirror again just to see me hideous and my mood will change in seconds. My psychologist said if I don’t make any progress it would be benefical to be referred to a psychiatrist. What are your opinions onillusions? I mean why do you see yourself so differently than others do. Even my psychologist said what she sees is the exact opposite of what I described myself. If anyone who has BDD is interested to keep in touch and talk about our daily struggles would be great!! Thank you everyone for reading my life’s story!! Haha!
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