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everyone else is attractive... it's triggering

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everyone else is attractive... it's triggering

Postby mattetopcoat » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:53 pm

note - i have not been diagnosed with BDD, so i may not actually have it. this is a suspicion, not a self diagnosis. i however do have an OCD diagnosis, which is very highly linked to BDD, and my current obsession is my face. so i think this would be better suited here. i've only just started talking to my psychiatrist about this issue with my appearance and she says it appears to be related to my OCD but has not yet given me a BDD diagnosis if i DO have it.

does anyone else just look around and just see how much more attractive EVERYONE is? like, i look at myself and just think awful things about my face, but everyone else is so.. lucky? so genetically lucky, lucky to actually have a nice face with normal, human looking features. it really makes it flare up, and i just can't help but cry sometimes. i look like an alien, and i feel so sad about it. people keep saying "oh beauty is on the inside" and honestly, I AGREE. i really do. but if they had an appearance like mine it's not something i can just forget about and get on with. if they smeared their face with mud they wouldn't be able to just go outside to see other people would they? that's how i feel about my face!
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Re: everyone else is attractive... it's triggering

Postby hiddenbeauty » Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:25 am

Yes, I've had my experience with this too.

For a long time, and I suppose still now, I have always felt as though I was born kind of as a deformed human, and didn't look like everybody else. In this case, seeing most other people was highly triggering - I even struggled to watch movies because the majority of actors/actresses are attractive or visually pleasing in some way or another.

These feelings are slightly better now, but I have experienced it a lot nonetheless. I think it's very BDD-related thinking.

Regarding your diagnosis - just because your psychiatrist hasn't diagnosed you with BDD doesn't mean that you don't qualify for a diagnosis/suffer with the condition. I've had psychiatrists who have labelled my issues as 'very bad OCD', and others who are adamant that my primary psychiatric condition is BDD, though BDD still falls under the obsessional and anxiety disorders spectrum. I've also had psychiatrists diagnose Bipolar and Borderline Personality, so I think it comes down to the psychiatrist's experience and preference in terms of over-diagnosing patients. Many psychiatrists don't like to give multiple diagnostic labels to patients as it can complicate treatment or whatever, something like that anyway.
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Re: everyone else is attractive... it's triggering

Postby harmony011s » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:06 am

Thanks for sharing! I've had the same experience. I'm sorry you are struggling.

I also have OCD and have not been diagnosed with BDD officially. However, after doing some research, I believe I do have some percentage of BDD.

I have a huge issue with my face. I am very self-conscious of my nose, chin, and mouth/smile. My eyes used to be the only part of my face that I loved, but the more I stare in the mirror, the more I think they are too small. I spend way too much time looking in the mirror about what I want to change. I will go on Instagram and see all of these people that I wished I looked like. My depression starts to take over and then I get anxiety about how I need to fix everything...

I have had a lot of people say how pretty or beautiful I am, but I cannot accept it. Why can't I just be happy with who I am and not always want plastic surgery?
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