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Author:  voracious_lemon [ Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:06 am ]
Blog Subject:  Why I hate summer/love winter

Pros: can go outside naked, don't need snowshoes to get the mail, camping, thunderstorms
Cons: get burnt to a crisp, die of heat and can't sleep during humidity, f'n kids running around, mosquitos, ticks, poison ivy/sumac/oak, crowds EVERYWHERE, shaving for wearing shorts/t-shirt/bathing suit, the sun is always there and you wake up at like 4am with birds screaming at you and the sun in your face and it's impossible to get back to sleep
Pros: skiing/snowshoeing, really fun driving on snow/ice, can always add an extra layer to warm up (but you can't rip your skin off in the summer!), holidays, hot chocolate, snow angels
Cons: pussies complaining about a little chill (it's only -25C!), animals are hibernating, probably should wear shoes when going out, accidents/car crashes, frost heaves

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