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Author:  voracious_lemon [ Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:26 pm ]
Blog Subject:  When is the month taking a vacation

Stream of conscious. Confusions tell me that drunk drivers will get blamed for the overturning of the century on mass graves of litterers and they're all the same because books aren't even real just like God and LLCs. Cs are for nothing. I'm sick of eating fish and dying every night only to be rebirthed as another animal. My sack of organs are no more or less valuable than a mosquitos, so why is murder illegal? Nothing matters except vibrations. It doesn't exist. They're trying to hurt you for money, but call it help. This is called "the mental health system." Go to sleep and never wake up. Backpacks should always be green and bulletproof. Ive seen live people in body bags, nothing new. It's phantasmagorical. Why is that dude with sunglasses staring at me? 8) Now he's staring at you. ###$ pussy. It's sickening. Dead people should die so we can build more houses. Make cents not sense. I have a pet bat for self defense. Luxury tax on thought. I will conquer, and be conquered.

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