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Author:  voracious_lemon [ Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:23 pm ]
Blog Subject:  New Discovery

Just found out that we have blogs on this site. Cool.
People need to calm down when talking to me. You want to talk to me every day? I want to talk to you every other year. Let's settle for once or twice a year (and let's not just talk let's actually do something so we don't have to talk). There are other people that want to talk to me. I need variety. I will talk to person A on April 16th 2014, so I can't talk to you until November 30th 2014. Want to talk to me more? Kill your oponents. I'd like to see that. Maybe then I'll talk to you THREE times a year. Once will be hiking (but you better not talk the whole way, shut up and listen to the birds), another will be skiing (only if you already know because I'm not going to teach you), and the last will be determined the day of the get together.
I feel like the biggest loner. I oughta change my avatar to a wolf.


Author:  PhoofyBunny [ Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:15 am ]

I hope if someones sitting near me in a movie theatre, it's you :) Although I'd rather have no one sitting near me, but that's just wishful thinking. Just make sure you back me up when I yell at people for talking. Sorry if you didn't want a comment on the blog I'm not sure how the etiquette on these things work.

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