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Author:  voracious_lemon [ Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:58 am ]
Blog Subject:  Medication is great! TRIGGER WARNING

I know I just went a month saying meds suck, chemical restraints, suffering, yada yada yada...
well, I'm over that now! Meds are great! I'm even taking meds that I didn't know I have now and haven't been prescribed in over a year!
Let's take 2 trazodones, 4 gabapentins, 5 clozapines, 2 lithiums, and a few effexors!!
I'm slightly f'ed up right now. I want more, but I will restrict myself for tonight. I went on a streak like this march 2014 and super overdosed on quentiapine and DXM (way worse than what I did today) and was in the hospital a while.
And all this stuff was supposedly hidden by family members, but if I accidentally find it looking for a pair of socks they didn't put much effort in trying to keep me safe from myself!
I am both calm and raging right now. Off to a deep sleep I suppose.

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