<![CDATA[Psychology and Mental Health Forum solemnlysworn's Blog Feed]]> https://www.psychforums.com <![CDATA[The Lonely Spider]]> https://www.psychforums.com/blog/solemnlysworn/the_lonely_spider_b-12615_sid-8a49962dd9e8bb42ab06b3eaddba5e86.html Looks down upon his writhing prize
With mandibles and poison breath
He speaks no words and whispers death

But without the weight of his small prey
His windswept web begins to sway
As silken tethers loosen more
Dissembler mends, his endless chore

Until he tricks another pest
He hinders hunger, eight eyes rest
Subdued struggle and strangled cry
There is no sweeter lullaby

Fang’d maw distends into a smile
He won’t be lonely, for a while]]>