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T session

Permanent Linkby riverside on Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:10 am

So----- Last T appointment

To get to the appointment
It took ;
Sam and Jake write posts all night,
4 hours sleep,
3 Kindar Eggs to settle my Little Parts who,
Were afriad of telling the truth.

For almost all the appointment
Doing all the thinking and talking;
It was very still.
It was just me.
I think this is a reflection of the how the communication is helping
because i could focus on the current place and time.

I spoke about the 'I' in the last two weeks
'I' remember feeling very positive about over coming the hard things
For the first time 'I' in an appointment 'I' gave 'myself' a compliment 'I' ment.

When you asked if a certain facial expression was because it was another
part of myself , telling me something or having an opposit opinion.
It took me by suprise.
The answer was a simple yes. Not a complicated left slide slurry.
You caught me off guard.

At the end you said
'I' seemed to be doing better between appointments
By the time you had reached the door I had
Little, Elliot, Sam, Jake and Teen
Shouting for recognition.
''I still struggle between appointments''
Is an understantment of the amount of
Time and energy that me, myself and I
Have not stoped putting in to staying

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
before the tunnel had collaped
and i was under it.

This week

Eko Spoke and wrote for first time
I freaked out
Went into shut down mode
Freaked out some more
Freaked out even more
Calmed down
Held Famliy Meeting
Eko turned up for first time

Eko is now Little Eko
Sam and Jake want to intergrate and its only my fear stopping them
Elliot spoke for the first time
Eko is not abuse
Eko is all my memories of abuse
Eko and Teen are co-con (both write the poetry)
Didnt know that b4)
I am insane and am making this all up
Which means you are just as insance for believing me :)

River [main host]
Echo (little)
Wisper (little)
Elliott (little)
Ethan (Little)
Ethan's Sister (Little)
Baby Claire
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