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- September 2016
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Sexual Arousal vs Anxiety Arousal
   Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:49 pm
The value of the ''Hive Mind''
   Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:34 pm

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The value of the ''Hive Mind''

Permanent Linkby mp_96 on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:34 pm

Before I begin,I want to let you know who I am.I am a 22 year old with POCD(six clinicians diagnosed me,but I still doubt doubt doubt about my sexuality).
The purpose of this article is the ''core'' of the word ''hive mind'' I use(please excuse my English,I am not a NS).I am sending this towards any person that is suffering right now,be it anxiety disorders,paraphilias,psychotic,personality disorders etc.It is known to us (in an amateur way) that mental ilness does have biological roots,but the greatest role for it to evolve or even manifest,to have it,there were lots of events like social,emotional,cognitive that triggered or even developed the disorder.What I want to say is this:Heard many people with paraphilias saying the knew they were this/that and just realized it(they had actually realized it long ago,they didnt named it) in a later age.I also have a paraphilia myself,coprophilia is its name,and I always knew I was...I see the pattern since 3-4 years old that I had an ''abnormal'' excitement with feces...many things played role in its formation and consolidation I believe,and I can recite quite a few(not here),but I can see this pattern clearly now(it was there the whole time,just didnt named it).This however creted ne questions for me...What if I delve deep into my paraphilia,meaning to explore it in an inner level,then there is fifty percent possibility i find the factors that played a role in its reinforcement.Our sexuality is not 100% stable though,and this can be empirically and scientifically proven,the only thing that is more likely to be stable is heterosexuality/homosexuality/bisexuality.Now,what if,everyone(and this is indeed happening here) tries to delve into their disorder,make a dive and see it,explore it in a strange kind of way(personal opinion about paraphilias is that they are formated due to association patterns+habits+genetics((though I am no psychologist)) )....I mean like every person in this forum opens his/her self to all the other,the deepest thoughts and fears,then the other do the same.This my friends is what I call hivemind,or empiricall common knowledge....One can see what the other has to say,realtes or not,delves,searches,associates,finds....and therefore really spectacular observations of the human mind can be brought to light,things that may help you,or me,or anyone else,including clinicians :D

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