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Author:  margharris [ Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:47 am ]
Blog Subject:  What you let in to think

You might think it is all about your hair, your nose, your teeth, your skin, your body, your toes, your legs, your veins. You might think it is all about what you suffered at school. You might think it is what your parent said long ago. You might think it is all about those beautiful people who dare to post selfies of how good they look. Or you might think it is what the people are saying when you walk down the street.Or you might just think it is all about what is reflected back in the mirror.
But it never is: It is only ever about what you are thinking because only you create your thought. It is the thought about your nose, or the thought about eyes or the thought about teeth or the thought about hair. It is the thought about your old school days. It is the thought about the people down the street or the thought about what your father said yesterday.
It is only the thought vibrating in your body that creates the feeling of anxiety. The thought is either acceptable and in harmony with your inner tone or soul energy or it isn't.
You are all very sensitive beings. You just can't think a horrible thought and get away with it. You are getting guidance. Your emotions are strongly telling you that the thought is wrong to think.
So the detective in me would like to know why you would think a bogus, self-critical and deceptive thought? There is nothing good in it for you. It is you in fear mode rather than love mode.
You get diagnoses of all sorts of things and loads of meds to treat the accompanying anxiety and avoidance. But it is the thought all along that's wrong. When you stop the thinking the illness goes away.
So why do you think it in the first place? You fear..maybe you might not be good enough. But you always are. You were made perfectly wonderful for your life. Your ancestors made you as their avatar. You have got a team of people barracking for you in the wings. This is your game of life to play. Love yourself enough to be your own friend. The antidote is simple love. You just forgot how much you are loved.

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