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update 2019

Permanent Linkby margharris on Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:09 pm

Finally the pieces of the puzzle that explain BDD and OCD are able to be put together. That is really exciting for the future recovery of those who continue to suffer.
Emotions are the key to the unlocking. We just have never known what they were trying to tell us. We have miscued there significance for most if not all our lives. Emotions are there to help us know whether the current thought is suitable to think or not. If the current thought does not harmonize well within our body, we get a negative sensation. That tells us our thinking is going out of focus with our own well being. We just never knew that.
So what BDD and OCD looks like is someone who has a really bad thought and gets a really hard notification from emotion but doesn't delete the thought. What happens next sets up the illness. The person miscues the notification from emotions to imply there is wrongness with them and not with the thought itself. This wrongness in the case of BDD focuses on the body but wrongness can just as easily be focused on something you were supposed to do as in the case of OCDs. The person has a strong awareness usually that there is doubt about all this but they seldom pick that it is the thought itself that is what is wrong. Self blame and doubting have become standard diagnostics.
To consolidate the erroneous bogus thinking the person usually hyper analyses and draws on past experiences of those who did them wrong. They need to convince themselves that their own thinking is truth. But the truth never needs proving or convincing because it feels different in the body because we have received it is 'known'. That is without doubt.
And how do we know this for sure. Emotion is created by the current made as the thought is processed by the body. No one creates your emotion but you as you think a thought. The thought fits in harmony with your body or it doesn't.
So in the past you have gone to bed to manage the strong emotions that attack you all day as a result of your thinking. But now you know it is the thought alone that is wrong and must be wrong for you to feel this bad.. What can you do?
Well most of you, will continue to argue that your thinking is not the cause of your anxiety. The defending, arguing for, pushing against and claims of visual evidence are not up to fighting your own emotions. Your emotions don't lie even when you do.
So maybe you can remember back when you first got that twingy feeling that something was wrong. It was the thought you were currently thinking. The thought was not feeling acceptable to your body. You always have emotional guidance streaming to you. Link in with it and you can turn this around the moment you do. You can't trust what you think but you can trust how the thought feels. Be guided by that to think better.

Wish you better sooner. Marg

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Re: update 2019

Permanent Linkby io7 on Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:05 pm

As a long time sufferer, I have just been reading through your blog and you are so insightful and understanding of this illness and how it operates. You understand that it's much deeper than just the appearance concerns. There are the underlying feelings of inadequacy, rejection, and other emotions. Your son is lucky to have this support from you. Thank you so much for your blog, I look forward to more posts in the future.
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