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Awaken to your pattern of thinking
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Trauma addiction

Permanent Linkby margharris on Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:19 pm

Emotional Guidance is the new skill to master that will unlock you from the devastation that is BDD.
You have become a trauma addict by pursuing thoughts that feel bad when you first thought them. So how did it happen? We have been taught that we should defend our right to think our thoughts. We were not prepared to listen to our own emotions. And we did that often violently. We would throw, We would hit and we would hurt but rarely did we listen. The defender of our thoughts...that is us. And that is all of us. Doesn't matter how bad we feel..There is always someone to blame, shame and accuse. We defend our right to feel this bad.. We never really ask ourselves why or how are we feeling this bad?
Rather than defend this hopeless pattern of behaving we have got to reinvent ourselves as a detective.
Then we can ask what is causing us to feel this bad? And it is only ever one thing. We are holding a thought that our own inner being, our soul force, our source energy, doesn't agree with. We are in conflict with our own inner being. How do we know this for sure? Our thinking is what creates the vibrational discord in our body. The thought is an energy that carries a frequency just like radio waves. The thought can either be picked up harmoniously by our body or we notice some discord in the frequency. That is the anxiety we alone are creating when our thoughts don't match up with our own body's vibe. So we have got to shut the thought down. Not so easy when we are addicted to causing our own pain.But if we know it is the thought maybe we might stop defending it.
So if we feel angry. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
If we feel fear. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
If we feel overwhelmed and hopeless. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
We are the only one causing our feelings because we are the only one creating our thoughts. We alone are the only one able to change our thoughts to feel better. It would seem like so much easier if someone else was to blame for this pain. But we alone are responsible. So are you a trauma addict telling yourself a horrible story over and over again? Defending it, lets you off the hook from doing something about it. Become your own detective and ask why? Why create this pain when the thought must be wrong to think.

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