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Empowering thought choice.
   Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:27 pm
The two of you need to meet.
   Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:29 pm
Awaken to your pattern of thinking
   Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:21 pm

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The two of you need to meet.

Permanent Linkby margharris on Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:29 pm

There are two energy systems trapped within your body. One system runs your mind so that lets you think your thoughts. The other system runs your body so that lets you sense or feel your environment.
You can imagine yourself as though you are the centre of your own universe. All that you encompass is within. Now when you have that thought just start to notice what your body senses about that thought. Notice how it feels in the body. That is a start of a new awareness and it is a good start. You are linking up the two systems to become all that you are rather than these fragmented bits. In every minute the potential to be one is always there. That is all that you were meant to be rather than who you are letting yourself be.
Aren't we all used to allowing our chatty mind to go on all day. God it never stops. Hashing over old news. Who did me wrong? What is wrong with everyone around me? Most likely we can diagnose the world at large. There is something wrong with everyone of us. Critical, bad tempered, impatient...I want to go the the highest building and scream to the world what I lack and what the world lacks. It is that bad.
That is where our chatty mind takes us when we give it no guidance and no boundaries. Most of us identify 100% with doing just that all day. Medicate, go to bed, feel the pain and complain is the result.
The content of our thinking doesn't matter. It is the pattern that we need to expose. So look around and start to notice how many people are trapped in a pattern of downloading complaint stories. Lean away from it and just notice that you do it too. This is our conditioning. We just don't notice how bad we feel doing it.
A meditation for the day. Thanks for everything I have received today. I have nothing to complain about. Write it on your white board and repeat it when you start to notice you are heading in a bad feeling direction. You might not believe it but words have power. Change is on the way.
There is no turning back once you know there is a choice and it is yours.

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