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- July 2019
Empowering thought choice.
   Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:27 pm
The two of you need to meet.
   Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:29 pm
Awaken to your pattern of thinking
   Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:21 pm

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Empowering thought choice.

Permanent Linkby margharris on Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:27 pm

Empowerment through thought choice. The practice of aligned thinking.

Many of us will have felt our mind take over, sending us out of control. Knowing the mechanics of thought choice makes us feel powerful and more in control. So lets make thinking more transparent and more strategic.

Step 1. The Mind Phase.
We all create thoughts. We have thought choice. Basically there are two thought streams: loving thoughts and fearing thoughts. Habitually we chose one or the other. We might call the flow of our thoughts either positive or negative.
If we love ourselves enough we will not want to disapprove of our life. We will allow and accept its unfolding. Nothing we need to complain about as it all works out in the end. We trust or have faith that we don’t have to sort it out all by ourselves. Life is a process of discovery.
When we fear and disapprove of ourselves and the circumstances, then we focus in such a way to produce negative thoughts. In this negative mindset we are saying our thinking has been hijacked by circumstances and we can’t think better unless all these external conditions change. We give away our power of thought choice. We let our thoughts run by default governed by our reactions.

The choice to fear or love constitutes our highest control point.

We just are not used to exercising that power of choice deliberately. Most likely we don’t think we can because we haven’t actually tried. We react rather than recognise the choice is always there.

I was brought to greater awareness of thought choice when I met a woman at a meetup for anxiety disorders. Hers was a very compelling story. She had developed a phobia of air conditioners on the roof. After a case of Legionnaires' disease in her community, she had become housebound with fear that every air conditioner on the roof was a potential death sentence. She would hold her breath even while driving. To back up the rightness of her thinking she had a stack of newspaper reports validating her fears. To her it was just inconceivable that we all could sit in this room while we were in mortal danger. Why weren’t we running down the street in squads ripping all these pollutants off the roof?

What we were wanting to do was change the thinking that had been clearly hijacked by fear.

There were answers already tried. The psychiatrists suggested medication for the symptoms and the psychologists exposure treatments and CBT. So what do you think? Was the rightness of the thought the issue or was how she was feeling the problem? What was making it such a problem?

I was clueless, so I listened to the experts who were really not that optimistic. The pattern was obvious. The woman had created a fear thought and had cemented it in place with analysis to combat her doubts. She was not in the vicinity of changing her thought and was ferocious in her defence of her own thinking. What lay ahead was an exhausting battle because she believed she was right. She had the evidence.

What I was to learn: Even though the woman’s thought about air conditioners was right from the viewpoint of her analysis and evidence coming from her mind. It was not correct. There was a very powerful indicator for this knowing? Her body and how it was feeling. Thinking was not just a mental act but involved the body’s response. The body was trying to reject the thought with quite a significant pain response. She just didn’t recognise this information coming from her body so she didn’t change the thought. The pain just got worse as she continued the thinking.

When you feel bad there is always a mindful thought selection you could make to feel better: It would sound like this. Maybe I am over reacting. A lot of people use air conditioners. Their lives are better because of them. I am glad people have them when it can be so hot. It is good that people know to get them serviced. It is all working out. They are making bigger and better air conditioners all the time. Nothing to worry about.
If you focus for ...

[ Continued ]

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The two of you need to meet.

Permanent Linkby margharris on Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:29 pm

There are two energy systems trapped within your body. One system runs your mind so that lets you think your thoughts. The other system runs your body so that lets you sense or feel your environment.
You can imagine yourself as though you are the centre of your own universe. All that you encompass is within. Now when you have that thought just start to notice what your body senses about that thought. Notice how it feels in the body. That is a start of a new awareness and it is a good start. You are linking up the two systems to become all that you are rather than these fragmented bits. In every minute the potential to be one is always there. That is all that you were meant to be rather than who you are letting yourself be.
Aren't we all used to allowing our chatty mind to go on all day. God it never stops. Hashing over old news. Who did me wrong? What is wrong with everyone around me? Most likely we can diagnose the world at large. There is something wrong with everyone of us. Critical, bad tempered, impatient...I want to go the the highest building and scream to the world what I lack and what the world lacks. It is that bad.
That is where our chatty mind takes us when we give it no guidance and no boundaries. Most of us identify 100% with doing just that all day. Medicate, go to bed, feel the pain and complain is the result.
The content of our thinking doesn't matter. It is the pattern that we need to expose. So look around and start to notice how many people are trapped in a pattern of downloading complaint stories. Lean away from it and just notice that you do it too. This is our conditioning. We just don't notice how bad we feel doing it.
A meditation for the day. Thanks for everything I have received today. I have nothing to complain about. Write it on your white board and repeat it when you start to notice you are heading in a bad feeling direction. You might not believe it but words have power. Change is on the way.
There is no turning back once you know there is a choice and it is yours.

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Awaken to your pattern of thinking

Permanent Linkby margharris on Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:21 pm

1. You think a thought. You are the creator of every thought you think. You have free will to create any thought. This thinking gives meaning and context for your life. So it is important to know how thinking best works to your own advantage.
2. Some thoughts are good for you to think and others are not. So how can we gain that discernment?
3. Lets make a trip to the ice-cream shop. You just run in, all enthusiastic for what you want. You look for what you want and discard the rest. Now maybe if you have a strong negative focus, you might recall the last time you ate something you didn't like and that recall tells you something important. You are not going to make that choice again. It sucked. So you get your choice of ice-cream and if it meets your expectations of how it should taste good, then you are likely to choose it again. If you feel disappointed then you are open to make a different choice next time.
4. Thinking is very much the same process of selection but internalised so know one but you knows what is truly going on inside your head. But you are the one making the selection through the power of your focus of attention. Do you focus on what you don't want or do want? Do you notice that your thoughts connect to how you feel? That is how you discern a good thought from a bad thought. Not all thoughts are good for you to think. So pay attention to how you feel and be conscious that you are creating that feeling.
5. So you have focused your attention in such a way that you have made yourself sick. But you alone have the power to change that focus. Care about yourself as though you matter. Tell yourself a story you want to hear. You can change what you do acknowledge. It is your thinking that has got you here. Time to change it.
Hope I can help. Marg

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Trauma addiction

Permanent Linkby margharris on Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:19 pm

Emotional Guidance is the new skill to master that will unlock you from the devastation that is BDD.
You have become a trauma addict by pursuing thoughts that feel bad when you first thought them. So how did it happen? We have been taught that we should defend our right to think our thoughts. We were not prepared to listen to our own emotions. And we did that often violently. We would throw, We would hit and we would hurt but rarely did we listen. The defender of our thoughts...that is us. And that is all of us. Doesn't matter how bad we feel..There is always someone to blame, shame and accuse. We defend our right to feel this bad.. We never really ask ourselves why or how are we feeling this bad?
Rather than defend this hopeless pattern of behaving we have got to reinvent ourselves as a detective.
Then we can ask what is causing us to feel this bad? And it is only ever one thing. We are holding a thought that our own inner being, our soul force, our source energy, doesn't agree with. We are in conflict with our own inner being. How do we know this for sure? Our thinking is what creates the vibrational discord in our body. The thought is an energy that carries a frequency just like radio waves. The thought can either be picked up harmoniously by our body or we notice some discord in the frequency. That is the anxiety we alone are creating when our thoughts don't match up with our own body's vibe. So we have got to shut the thought down. Not so easy when we are addicted to causing our own pain.But if we know it is the thought maybe we might stop defending it.
So if we feel angry. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
If we feel fear. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
If we feel overwhelmed and hopeless. The thought we currently think is not in agreement with what our soul knows to be true on this subject.
We are the only one causing our feelings because we are the only one creating our thoughts. We alone are the only one able to change our thoughts to feel better. It would seem like so much easier if someone else was to blame for this pain. But we alone are responsible. So are you a trauma addict telling yourself a horrible story over and over again? Defending it, lets you off the hook from doing something about it. Become your own detective and ask why? Why create this pain when the thought must be wrong to think.

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What you let in to think

Permanent Linkby margharris on Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:47 am

You might think it is all about your hair, your nose, your teeth, your skin, your body, your toes, your legs, your veins. You might think it is all about what you suffered at school. You might think it is what your parent said long ago. You might think it is all about those beautiful people who dare to post selfies of how good they look. Or you might think it is what the people are saying when you walk down the street.Or you might just think it is all about what is reflected back in the mirror.
But it never is: It is only ever about what you are thinking because only you create your thought. It is the thought about your nose, or the thought about eyes or the thought about teeth or the thought about hair. It is the thought about your old school days. It is the thought about the people down the street or the thought about what your father said yesterday.
It is only the thought vibrating in your body that creates the feeling of anxiety. The thought is either acceptable and in harmony with your inner tone or soul energy or it isn't.
You are all very sensitive beings. You just can't think a horrible thought and get away with it. You are getting guidance. Your emotions are strongly telling you that the thought is wrong to think.
So the detective in me would like to know why you would think a bogus, self-critical and deceptive thought? There is nothing good in it for you. It is you in fear mode rather than love mode.
You get diagnoses of all sorts of things and loads of meds to treat the accompanying anxiety and avoidance. But it is the thought all along that's wrong. When you stop the thinking the illness goes away.
So why do you think it in the first place? You fear..maybe you might not be good enough. But you always are. You were made perfectly wonderful for your life. Your ancestors made you as their avatar. You have got a team of people barracking for you in the wings. This is your game of life to play. Love yourself enough to be your own friend. The antidote is simple love. You just forgot how much you are loved.

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