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Author:  margharris [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:10 am ]
Blog Subject:  Body dysmorphia: Seeing the Oz guru finally.

Well the long awaited appointment with Dr Castle was so worthwhile. He made a fairly big statement that he, in his early theory of BDD, tried to prove Katherine Phillips wrong. He tried to prove it was some form of conversion disorder and not a proper distinct disorder. After finding countless cases, he verified all her work instead. He described a BDDer as some of the sickest patients he ever sees. He believed it to be a predominantly biological disorder. As my son had the form of symmetry OCD that was his particular interest at the time, he clearly was wanting to work with him. TMS will be what he offers now along with a couple of other antidepressants we hadn't even heard of. A six weeks inpatients was something my son rejected. So the doc will work around him and do what he can in the big public hospital as he is setting up a clinic to offer it to public patients. His TMS approach is to target the occipital lobe, visual perception and not the alarm system. Next appointment April 20th.
If anyone in Melbourne has BDD or in Oz really, just make an appointment even if it takes 6 months. If you say you are BDD it might be sooner. Get the private health at 1K and you will know you are getting the best.
I mentioned the problem with intrusive thoughts and he responded that I was to say. " David said, No answer." I like that. A bit less disrespectful than my Sanjeev comments that carried my contempt for the whole thing.
My son went on another date. He is very needy for love and valuing since his ex was so distant and judging. I fear he may fall too quickly without even finding out what this person is like. He needs enough self esteem to be aware first impression is often wrong. He himself is hiding enough.But he has a reason to get well and that is important at this stage.
Hope we have a better weekend. Marg

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