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Author:  margharris [ Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:05 am ]
Blog Subject:  Body dysmorphia: Our psychatrist's credentials.

This is an overview of our new psychatrist Professor C.

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I have added these credentials so you are able to recognize what a leap up the scale this guy is from your average psych who hardly sees anyone with OCD or BDD at all. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he wasn't compulsive himself. His notes were impeccable and ordered so well he could find a cold case of ten years in seconds and they were hard copies nothing digital.

So the med regime of Lyrica and Prozac was a triumph yesterday. He had periods of the day when he was able to focus on his life and talk about plans. This hasn't happened in weeks if not months. He was happily connecting to his real life. He had plans to get a blood test. He talked about making a list of chores. He looked on RSVP. Things were looking brighter for the day.

But suddenly he got a thought that he was too ugly to date again. His wife was not the one for him and he would have trouble finding a woman to accept him. So the fear entered. Fear likes company. All his BDD logic flooded in and his resolve to live well was swept away in the tsunami of fear BDD brings. The storytelling overwhelmed us both. His testosterone, DHT, hairiness, hairloss devastation stories fill his mind. Bed to the rescue.

He was still calmer than usual through this downturn and got up later. He took the Lyrica early at about 4pm as he was having break through distress. We were able to watch an episode of My Kitchen Rules to finish off the night.

This morning he is back to being psychotic with disorganized speech. " The silence going forwards...Its just pestinance????" He is making up words.. One would expect the Lyrica has worn off and a panic has happened. Although he claims he has not had any panic and has not been touching. Still he got up at 4 am to take a Propecia tablet. That tells what was on his mind even if he tries to cover it up.

The doc also asked him to take blood tests for testosterone and DHT to find out the facts but the test paperwork still lies on the table after a week. The stories are not in anyway problem solving facts. You can't solve a problem anyway, that exists in the past. The stories are just an explanation for the panic. Without them there is no reason to panic. That is too confounding to consider.

So although the morning hasn't been stellar so far he isn't calling out in distress to the same degree. I haven't given him the Prozac yet as he is still a bit too loopy. Letting the Lyrica start working first. No idea what the day will bring. We are no longer completely out of control but not really on top of this BDD either.

Hopefully if this BDD is a purely biological disorder we will be able to signpost a way out. Dr C seems to think it is. We are doing all we can to follow what he suggests. Hopefully you guys will be helped too.. Marg

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