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Body dysmorphia: Meds working. Didn't come home from date yet?

Permanent Linkby margharris on Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:24 pm

He is up and functioning. He is almost normal in his presentation. The anxiety is much less. We can actually talk about his BDD without too much distress. The touching still bothers me and him. He shaved his body hair off in the shower to try and reduce the compulsive urge to touch. It was an awfully long shower so I suspected something was up.
We still have all the mirrors down in the house and I am just not ready myself to introduce them.
He has gone out without a hat on a couple of occasions but I think there is some toppik going on. The camouflage is still playing into the need to avoid being seen.
I did mention in the last blog some of the meds we have tried during this exacerbation. But didn’t mention we did a lot of vitamin and amino acid regimes too. High dose fish oils, Vitamin Bs, Vitamin D, Magnesium, NAC and Lecithin and assorted protein supplements, green foods, acai and maca. I suppose they didn’t really do much other than give him really good blood work.
The doc claimed he has never seen anyone improve on NAC so I suppose don’t waste your money finding this online. There are clinical trials for it here but he must know already that it doesn’t work well enough.
I failed to mention that we did try almost everything available during the first exacerbation ten years earlier. At the time, we did Aropax, Zoloft, Effexor, Clomipramine, Mirtazepine, Seroquel, Risperdal, and Zyprexa. We settled on Luvox at that time. But my son ended up self- medicating the side effects with alcohol and Viagra.
From the sound of it, he became an alcoholic to handle the increased anxiety he experienced.
We have tried, Cogentin, Propranolol, Pindolol, Epilum and Valium for the side effect issues in the past.
So even though you may have tried medication, you can get so sick that you just have to give anything a go. You can’t give up and say you have tried it. There are so many. I just remembered another we gave a shot. Valdoxan. So the lesson here is to keep trying.
The doc is a vital ingredient in this success. We have seen two local doctors, two other psychiatrists, numerous community health workers and two clinical psychologists during this exacerbation. Really they just didn’t know what they were doing. You have got to find the specialist unit that treats hundreds of BDDers when you are this unwell. We are at the professor level and a specialist in the field. I did include his credentials but the mods thought better of it and deleted them in a prior post. This guy is at the Katherine Phillips or David Veale level. These two are luminaries in the field.
My son is off on another date. So using a dating site even without a profile pic works. It is a great distraction and gives your confidence a good boost. Someone is interested in you. He is going to get his life back. Actually he hasn’t come home?
Getting back to work and having the resilience to handle setbacks without BDD flaring is probably a way off. But we wouldn’t have expected this a week ago.
So the Prozac works. But there is the side effect issue. He can go a long time without eating. Big change from Mirtazepine head in the fridge. Insomnia last night was bad. The Fitbit showed almost no sleep at all. I didn’t notice the shaking leg so far today but it seems to come and go. No idea what really triggers it.
So the signs are encouraging. Meds do seem to make a big difference. So don’t tell yourself they don’t work. They are not all the same. I get it that one hates to be medically framed but when you get a life back it is so much better than being sick.
Wish you all a better future. Marg

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