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Body dysmorphia: Meds and dates seem to make a difference.

Permanent Linkby margharris on Sun May 31, 2015 11:28 pm

Well yesterday he seemed back to normal. He never mentioned hair really. We were able to watch Fast and Furious 7 which went for a couple of hours. There was that ongoing adrenalin rush but it didn’t phase him. He also spent quite a lot of time texting a girl on Line. The concentration was there and there was none of the looping thoughts. He used to forget what he had just asked and ask again.
He helped me out. Did a spot of vacuuming.

Only a week ago, I was dimming the lights at 5 pm and he was complaining of heater fan noise. All he wanted to do was calm down and try to relax in bed as the panics took over his life. I had bunkered down in a back bedroom and played Candy Crush or watched a download of Revenge played with earphones to minimize the noise.

So really the change is remarkable. Literally overnight, because I really didn’t see anything major as I would have reported it on Friday during our visit. At that visit I was still in attack mode myself. I had caught on to him browsing suicide sites. It came up in history as his second most popular. I was livid at how less than optimal that was to our well being. I was in this with him and he had to be at least trying.
The dates are going well too. He is well enough to go and doesn’t exhibit the anxiety that other dates have noticed.

So this must be attributed substantially to the med regime. Prozac and Lyrica. Prozac is at 60mg. Lyrica is 300mg and 150mg prn if needed for outbreaks of anxiety. Plus one Valium 5mg to be taken prn as well. I make up the daily med regime and hand it to him and he manages it himself in a dosette box. That has stopped him running to me on and off all day for meds. It is his responsibility to take them. But if he takes them all then I am not to give him any more. It has worked so far since Friday when this method was adopted.

The shaky leg side effect is still a bit of a concern. Still the doc seems to believe in habituation to this. Not convinced that is true. But time will tell. We are to stay on this probably till September.

The doc usually goes for Prozac and Luvox but did mention that he has been impressed by some new results coming in for Vortioxetine. He seems to consider anything doing for GAD is highly likely to be good for BDD too. So if you have been on high dose trials of Prozac or Luvox but didn’t get the results you were after, then Vortioxetine is a possibility to consider asking your doctor about. The adjunct of Lyrica is most likely really important too. My son’s side effect profile is truly hideous.

So just to recap our medical adventure so far:
Lexapro couldn’t get started due to chronic akathisia even at half a tablet.
Seroquel caused psychotic behaviour which was eventually diagnosed as NMS.
Doxepin did nothing for thoughts and he only was up for half the day. We only saw him after lunch.
Prothedin gave him the jitters and our new doc saw no benefit in it.
Mirtazepine. Kept him in bed. No energy and not much change in thoughts either.
Luvox. You might need more than Viagra with this one but was functional.

Well it is after 9am and I haven’t heard from him. He might have crashed after yesterday. I can’t expect it will be all over.

The theory that the mindfilter in the brain that screens out unwanted trivia worries doesn’t work in BDD seems to have some substance. The mindfilter lets some unwanted thoughts through like it has holes in it. Meds flood the synapses with more serotonin and the holes get shut off so the thoughts stop.
Hope you are finding the help you need. Thanks for the support. Marg.
Tip for the day. We can beat this fear. It is all False Evidence Appearing Real.

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