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Author:  margharris [ Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:37 am ]
Blog Subject:  Body dysmorphia. Compulsions are not your friend.

Understanding more about one's compulsions often helps to get perspective and step away from performing these acts. From that vantage, you start to question why you are doing the stuff and more importantly if there really is a benefit to you. And you already know you never do find the answer with another check. All your action end up in more repetition. In fact, these urges often trigger even more panic. The fear floods in when you know you should try to stop but that trance like state can have you fixed to the floor unable to move away. Your urge, as though, in the hands of a teenager, becomes out of control.
Storytelling, through enlisting the imagination, is that vital component in developing all our impulsive urges. Stories are our brains attempt to explain the fear and give it context. This is because the logic mind doesn’t work well in a highly emotional state. We are in the freeze, flee or fight mode so no time to think. Storytelling provides the link between the sensation of fear and the need for the compulsion. Feeling nervous.... you must have that drink...and in my case, chocolate.
So to bring a bit more clarity and understanding to this cause and response, we need to know about the amygdala. Google does well here. You will find it is all about emotional memory and motivation. Looks like we found the culprit. Marg

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