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Awakening through BDD

Permanent Linkby margharris on Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:20 pm

I think I see BDD now as a wake up call to understanding about who we are and why we have come.
This illness, like all OCDs, shines a light on the connection between our own restless thinking self and our own feeling inner being. It is as though there has been two of us that need to now be linked up. The illness forces one to focus on the powerful emotions. You can't escape. Our emotions have been greatly underestimated. In fact we have often been taught to hide emotions. We certainly have never been taught to use them as a sophisticated guidance system.
But we do have loads of sensing guidance already. We like to know not to put our hand on the hot stove. We like to know when the sun is too strong. We like to know the food is off. In the same way we just might like to know when our thinking is off.
What happens when we have a thought that feels off but we just stay on it. That was the argument we had yesterday. What about that convo we had that felt off but we didn't say, " better go..see ya". How did that end? Did we feel good after listening to a half hour download of criticism? When it doesn't feel good that is our cue to get off that train.
We do know this stuff. That is why we no longer en mass listen to the news or read newspapers. We don't want more stuff to focus on that does not feel good. We want to shout to newsmakers to tell us something we would like to hear.
Well that is what your inner being is telling you emphatically too. " Tell me something I would like to hear" Although it is very difficult for you to believe, your thoughts just are not aligned with what your inner being thinks. So you feel the discord in a strong way. The thought you think sets up a vibration in your body that you register as distress.
Your emotions are your guidance to let you know early whether you are going off road with your thoughts.They are like the bumper strip on the side of the road. They help you harness your thinking so you stay on the path of contentment. Contented is really where you wanted to be most of the time. That is that good feeling place where you can anticipate all good things coming your way.
So when you feel strong emotion that is your call to shift focus to something that feels better or get off that subject altogether. Of course you can stay on this off topic but you know you will end up feeling bad. No good outcome from a bad feeling journey.
So it never was your appearance but the thought you had about your appearance that was off. Your inner being just would never join you in those thoughts you chose to think. There was never going to be a happy party held around those thoughts. God was trying to tell you to link into the wisdom coming through to you in the form of your own emotions. Your own emotions are always giving you feedback. God's emotions are working in you every minute telling you there is a better thought to think. When you really know this as your truth then you set yourself free from rogue unworthy thoughts for good. And that really will be good. That was the purpose of your BDD. Awakening you to all that you are.
It took us all a long time to know. But we have arrived at a sound destination where it is possible to know and possible to have a great life. Just listen to the power in your emotions. It is like a radio dial that needs setting up so you stop living in the static. You find that station called contentment and cherish its resonance. Appreciate whatever you can and the journey of knowing that got you there. In that moment of knowing you will see the world differently.
Now this emotional guidance is a skill to learn. It will take time. But there is no going back to not knowing once you do know. Emotions are your bumper strip, your white cane. Not every thought is worthy of being thought. You can always ask your inner being for a better thought to think. That better thought will pop into your mind in an instant.
It all works out in the end. Have faith. It does help. You have got to feel your way.
Love to you all. Marg

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