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Author:  margharris [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:21 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Awaken to your pattern of thinking

1. You think a thought. You are the creator of every thought you think. You have free will to create any thought. This thinking gives meaning and context for your life. So it is important to know how thinking best works to your own advantage.
2. Some thoughts are good for you to think and others are not. So how can we gain that discernment?
3. Lets make a trip to the ice-cream shop. You just run in, all enthusiastic for what you want. You look for what you want and discard the rest. Now maybe if you have a strong negative focus, you might recall the last time you ate something you didn't like and that recall tells you something important. You are not going to make that choice again. It sucked. So you get your choice of ice-cream and if it meets your expectations of how it should taste good, then you are likely to choose it again. If you feel disappointed then you are open to make a different choice next time.
4. Thinking is very much the same process of selection but internalised so know one but you knows what is truly going on inside your head. But you are the one making the selection through the power of your focus of attention. Do you focus on what you don't want or do want? Do you notice that your thoughts connect to how you feel? That is how you discern a good thought from a bad thought. Not all thoughts are good for you to think. So pay attention to how you feel and be conscious that you are creating that feeling.
5. So you have focused your attention in such a way that you have made yourself sick. But you alone have the power to change that focus. Care about yourself as though you matter. Tell yourself a story you want to hear. You can change what you do acknowledge. It is your thinking that has got you here. Time to change it.
Hope I can help. Marg

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