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Author:  margharris [ Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:05 am ]
Blog Subject:  Body dysmorphia: New meds

There are not many meds we haven't tried. Most SSRIs are intolerable. Mirtazepine has left him unmotivated and teary. Started Prozac yesterday. This morning he felt that internal panic that made him feel he would never get up. He had an appointment so it forced him out of bed. He was much better all day. Decided he needed to reduce the dose to manage the side effects. Not so easy with capsules. He can ask for the syrup tomorrow.
The hair is looking a lot better as he hasn't cut for over a month. That positive spin is likely to relax his brain for a few days. He has mentioned the stories a couple of times today but I have just answered," Cant be debated." Maybe we are just rehearsing this as a way of diffusing them.
Hope this works.
He is listening to the Hollies on Youtube most of the day. It helps to focus his brain on something.
He has spoken to some friends today on the phone. They don't really understand it all. He keeps a lot from them no doubt. Keeping up a front to stop feeling shame. We have a long way to go to stop the stigma of mental illness. Do we need a front with cancer or arthritis or diabetes? But mental illness, we see as weakness. Actually takes a darn lot of strength to handle an mental illness. Only the strongest can manage to take it on as a life lesson. Nothing like a mental illness to bring us to our knees. Hope you all are finding something to own for yourself in your journey out. Marg

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