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Author:  seabreezeblue [ Sat Aug 23, 2014 12:39 am ]
Blog Subject:  Yes.. of course i wimped out..

As usual..

I did cancel for a good reason but I haven't actually rearranged the date yet out of pure nervousness and the thought that it wouldn't work out anyway..

Anyway; i'm actually writing this one because of an article i read today on the cause of autism.. if the link doesn't work for some reason but you're interested in reading it still.. the article is titled; ''Scientists discover people with autism have too many brain 'connections'.''

Basically; the article states what a lot of people on the spectrum knew instinctively already.. apparently we have too many synaptic connections.. caused by a failure in the usual ''pruning'' process that takes away the disused or erroneously formed connections.
Now; this is actually something that the aspie community was discussing last week.. there was a conversation about why many aspies with sensory issues also suffer with Synaesthesia. The theory that we came up with stated that there must be extra connections in the sensory regions of the brain.. along with extra connections comes a higher chance of a greater than usual amount of mis-wiring..
I like the article in general but i don't like the fact that people are now talking about a cure..
I would love for everyone to float through life and be able to fit in socially but you know.. for myself and many others that i've spoken to about this article = I/we wouldn't ever want to lose the amazing parts of being on the spectrum.
I personally don't want to lose the ability to smell all the individual ingredients in a dish.. I don't want to lose the ability to hyper-focus on some amazing topics.. and i've studied many many amazing topics over the years..
My first love was nature and really, my long lasting love is still nature..

I don't want to lose the ability to see little details that other people often miss and i certainly don't want to lose the ability to hear things that others can't.. on a bad day, when my senses are overloaded and i want to curl up in a ball = i just want to hide away from the world and stop the deafening sounds and smells and sights.. but on a good day, i love being able to hear the sound of the breeze gently swishing through the leaves of a silver Birch from 4 streets away.. on a good day i can control it and relax into one single smell or sound..

I wouldn't ever want to give up being an aspie if it means that the good bits go with it..

I get it.. i really do.. but what's next..? are we going to look at people with Down syndrome next and go ''Ooo.. we could remove that extra chromosome there and fix him/her''

meh; i don't know.. feel free to comment, disagree or agree.. what do other people think..?

would you take the cure..? would you give it to your child..?

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